Sunday, July 1, 2007

Thou Shalt Jam

Today was my last day in San Francisco. It is an incredible city, but i don't think i'm too interested in living here. Pretty cold actually and not enough surfing opportunities. Although, i will visit frequently. There is a mind-boggling amount of humanity happening around here all the time. All those stereotypical San Fran town houses stacked on top of each other as far as the eye can see.

I surfed about 15 miles south of the city yesterday in a town called Pacifica. The surf was knee high at best and choppy. I also checked out some local surf shops. It felt great to be back around surf culture on that level. I'll bs with anyone if it involves waves.

Pacifica/Linda Mar

After surfing yesterday, i attended the Fillmore Jazz Festival downtown. It was awesome. Three street stages, hundreds of vendors, thousands of people. My favorite band was playing in a local jazz club on Fillmore Ave. They were called "The Eleventh Commandment"

We did.

After the Festival, I found my way (i saw the whole city trying to find stuff this week) to Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge. Its actually a famous surf spot, but it only breaks in the winter during a huge NW swell.

Fort Point shorebreak


After Fort Point, I made contact with an Outer Banks friend that now lives in the city. On my way to find her place, i stumbled upon "Twin Peaks," two 1,000ft. peaks in the middle of the city. Obviously a great view from there.

Today i went to the beach for awhile and then went to the Golden Gate Park Botantical Garden. It contains plants from all over the world. I fell asleep there for about 2 hours:::good napping spot.

Lastly today, i went into Berkeley to check out that scene. It seemed cool, but kinda dirty. Not exactly what i expected. Although i suppose i expected to immediately be engrossed in a conversation about Nietzsche as soon as i crossed the city limits.

I am done being a tourist! I am now moving into the most important part of my adventure: Surf Bum. A fun sized SW swell is expected to start showing up tomorrow and last throughout the week. I am staying across the bay tonight at high school friend Rob Bixler's place and I am leaving for Santa Cruz in the morning. Of course on my way down the coast, i will stop in Half Moon Bay to pay homage to world famous big wave break, Maverick's.

I have wanted to be in Santa Cruz for about 4 years, more than anywhere else in the country!

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mowrey said...

Great report from SF, Kyle. You're writerly style's equal to the great pics. When I was in Cali recently I thought Santa Cruz the best place one could choose to live on the coast. Weird vibe, cool beach, hot babes. Surf bum or no, it's a great town. Looking fwd to next dispatch.