Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Everything is Waves

I could spend a lifetime in LA and not fully comprehend the inner workings. It is an amazingly stimulating place. Yesterday, i took care of some important business, and then drove out to Malibu to experience one of the seminal surf scenes in the continental US. It was knee to waist high and a little bumpy, but if you picked off a well-angled set wave, you could glide for seemingly ever. Another machine like setup
Point breaks are awesome. I watched the energy wrap itself around the point of land and peel perfectly down the far side. EVERYTHING is waves of energy and places like this give a better understanding of those systems. I rode some fun waves and met more interesting people. Especially Malia, a native of Oahu and very smooth surfer (also strikingly beautiful).

Malibu Point

Hangin 10...Chad has been here, doing this since he was 5.

Later last night, Jared and I walked up to Hollywood Blvd. to grab some dinner at the Pig N' Whistle and take a quick look at the famous sights. Who knew there was such a huge market for raunchy women's clothing?
Walking by the Jimmy Kimmel studio, wearing a LeBron jersey, a security guide informed us that LeBron will appear on the show this Thursday night, i ran home and tried to score tickets online, but to no avail.....bummer.
We then watched the new Michael Moore effort "Sicko" :::sure he spins things and takes stuff out of context, but his motivations are primarily compassionate and intended to help those that struggle to help themselves. The health care system in this country is broken and actually quite criminal. Disturbing.

This morning i drove out to Venice and had a fun day riding my skateboard around the boardwalk and Santa Monica Pier. I played basketball at the Venice Beach Recreation Center, right in the middle of the madness and next door to Muscle Beach. Good games and rousing NBA conversation. I of course mentioned that the discussion was in fact mute because the Cavs will win 9 of the next 10 championships. They think i'm an idiot, but wait a decade when LeBron is putting rings on his toes.

I'm guessing kobe got dunked on here.

Venice Beach

After an hour and half, 15 mile drive (miserable) back to Jared's, we went on an urban skateboard mission to the best taco stand, Cactus Taqueria, i've had yet.

Highway 101 at 5:00pm...NO THANKS

Jared and Brad's pad

100 feet from their door.

Tomorrow, i'm buying a day pass to the subway and i'm just gonna ride around the city and see what i find. I'm eating lunch with my 2nd cousin, Marty, who works downtown and seems like a really cool guy. Should be fun.

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