Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Buddha and Optimus Prime

Mother Ocean's short nap has allowed me to enjoy Los Angeles on a level that i did not expect. Yesterday, i went out to dinner with my cousin Marty and his wife Beth. They took me into Thai Town, where we browsed a fascinating Thai book store and food market. Then they treated me to an outstanding authentic Thai meal at a superb restaurant. So many different flavor combinations and much tastiness. Beth just ordered about 8 different plates and we feasted family style. The meal also included very interesting Buddhist ethics conversations. After the meal, i checked out the Buddha street shrine and paid some respects to a great teacher.

Today, Jared and i played some world-class paddle ball in his backyard. This connection goes back to our three months living together on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The subconscious interaction we created there, came alive within minutes. Meditating the ball back and forth for 30 minutes at a time. Solid effort and crystal focus.

We then went to the Arclight Cinema Dome to see "Transformers."

The graphic special effects of the robots is probably the best movie graphics i have ever witnessed. What 10-30 year old male doesn't want to be a galatic/semi-truck super hero?

Optimus Prime today- fully animated with human co-stars

Optimus Prime- my childhood

Tonight, Jared and I went to Crane's Tavern in Hollywood to catch some local bands and enjoy an interesting Saturday night on the town.

I am going to continue my adventure South on Monday with stops in Palos Verdes and Hermosa.

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