Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rejoining the Herd

Unfortunately, i've somewhat rejoined the herd. No longer am i a surfing vagrant:::atleast physically. I paid my first and last months rent for my new home today. A two bedroom beach cottage in Leucadia, North County, San Diego. West of Highway 101, within walking distance of numerous solid surf spots. My roommate, Stefanie, is a super smart, chill massage therapist. I was drawn to Leucadia two years ago, when i saw a local campaign with the mission statement: "Keep Leucadia Funky" ...I will certainly do my part.

Had a fun week with my parents at the oceanfront condo. Kinda tough to go from being on my own, with an open road and waves as my only obligation to being with my folks again. But i very much appreciate all the love, support and advise that my parents provide.
It was nice to show them the area that they've heard me ogling for a couple years. The draw of this place is obvious.
We checked out the usual attractions...Coronado Island, La Jolla and the Gaslamp District, but definitely my favorite was the San Diego Zoo. Incredible botanical gardens and a myriad of animals. The highlights include the gorillas, giraffes, elephants and a lonely rhino.

It was obviously awesome to wake up in the morning, walk down a few flights of stairs and be in the ocean. A very fun combo of SW and NW swell stuck around most of the week. I went to 25th st. Del Mar a couple times and surfed solid waist to shoulder high waves without much wind until the afternoon. My father took a couple of good action shots of me.

The "BlueJay Dirty Bird" bottom turn

Me, from the deck of our condo.

Seals in La Jolla Cove

Swami's sunset

I move in to my beach bungalow on Wednesday. I've started the process of getting a job in a local school system. I've met awesome new friends and i continue to learn something everytime i stand on my surfboard. I love you all.

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mowrey said...

Congrats on the new crib. Cool surfing action photos. & loved the picture of your dad & your sister. Jus' kiddin'. But you can tell your mom I said that. Stay funky.