Monday, July 16, 2007

Plastic Fantastic

There is a new member to the family. I bought a 9'0 longboard today and i am super stoked about it. She was purchased from Pier Surf Boardhouse near the Hermosa Beach Pier. I bargained the owner down $50, talking story about the Outer Banks. I rode her tonight at the San Clemente Pier and she glides like a dream.

Hermosa Pier with my new/used "Plastic Fantastic Machine" 9'0

Amazing classic board collection at the Pier Surf Shop. This place had real "soul"

I don't have much time here, i need to get to bed for a 6:30am dawn patrol at the San Clemente Pier. I'll fill in the details of my travels later... New board and explorations in the heart of the global surf industry...stoked.

1 comment:

mowrey said...

That monster's only 9 ft? It looks huge! Looks like you found the Lebron James of surfboards. Enjoy the ride!
But don't forget to tell us about the Rick Griffin museum. I love Rick Griffin.