Friday, June 29, 2007

Waves and Waves and Waves

First Ocean view: San Francisco loves fog...or maybe fog loves San Francisco.

Surf Conditions: Knee/occasional waist NW windswell

Finally, after 6 long months away, i rode waves today!!! In reality it was knee-waist high, weak and choppy, but for me it was perfect head high and glassy. I ran into the water at Noriega St. Ocean Beach, San Francisco with the Dirty Bird under my arm, overflowing with joy. The water felt like a massage from God. My first effort was kinda weak as the wave backed off before i could get much going. But my second, woooo did that feel good: waist high and actually lined
up, i went right and glided down the face into a bottom turn and then back into the hook. I couldn't help but scream and laugh. I'm back home!!! I rode numerous other waves before the wind picked up real hard:::twas a great great session. After surfing, I of course made my way to Haight Ashbury. It left me somewhat disappointed. Its pretty trendy and commercialized. Alot of people trying to fill their pockets with images of dancing bears and Jerry. There were some highlights, like the Anarchist's Book Store and the 1500 person bicycle rally against oil wars.

A climber on El Capitan. Thats about 1/50 of the monolith.

Steve from Oregon preparing for El Cap.

That used to be Rt. 140 just outside Yosemite. The side of that hill decided it was time to take over. According to Tacoma commercials, Little T would have driven out of that landslide. And after the past week, I believe it. She passed the 3,000 mile mark for the trip today.

Tomorrow, i'm gonna surf in the morning and then attend the Fillmore Jazz Festival.

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