Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bugs, Boulders and Hippies

I departed Omaha around 10:00 and proceeded to kill every large bug in Nebraska with my windshield. Little T did a real solid job of keeping up in the new to me 75 mph speed zones of Nebraska and Colorado.

Little T breaks into a serious groove with a bumpy road or a crosswind doing 80mph. But who can holdback a jam with Jerry, Bob, Eddie and Trey playing live inside?

I arrived in Boulder, Colorado around 6:00pm MT. This place has chiller vibes that radiate off the Rockies in the background. I spotted the Rockies about 50 miles away from Denver, and i could see the Boulder vibes just a short time later.

First mountain view.

Boulder is an eclectic mix of hippies, yuppies and everything in between. World class people watching. I'm currently at a coffee shop on The Hill waiting for Steve-O. As the sun set on the third longest day of the year, I drove up into Boulder National Park and took a hike. It was my first real mountain experience and it awesome. I'm pretty sure i could survive with nothing but a lighter and a shank ;)

U. of Colorado Boulder with an aptly named boulder in the foreground.

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Jared said...

dude. you need to make a pilgrimage to woody creek! pay your respects to the good doctor...