Friday, June 22, 2007

White Knuckle in Iowa

I left Toledo this morning at 10:00am and arrived in this hotel room West of Omaha, Nebraska sometime around 10:30pm CT. Little T traveled beautifully today. As i entered Iowa, i could see gnarly meteorlogical action on the horizon. Listening to NPR at the time i got word of tornado and severe t-storm warnings directly in my path. The clouds looked like they were 15 feet off the ground and looking to destroy everything. It got darker and darker until all hell broke loose. Wind and rain whipped Little T around the road and visibility become virtually zero. I would not have known if a tornado was around until i was 60 feet in the air.

The sun came out as the second longest day of the year wound down and i pushed on towards the Cornhucking State. Got some solid miles under her feet today. Thanks Indiana, Illinois and Iowa for safe travels if not exciting sights. I'll make it to Denver/Boulder tomorrow for an exhilarating weekend with Steve-O.

On a side note, yesterday was International Surfing Day. I hope as many people as possible, the world over, had a great time in the water.

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