Friday, June 22, 2007

Toledo is for Chillers

Spent my first 2 days on the road in Toledo, Ohio with Beaner, his beautiful wife S-Midd and Dubness himself. It was a Perfect way to start the journey. We played 36 holes of golf all told. Nine in Beaner and S-Midd's garden and 18 at a super fun course in Michigan. (yes, they did have to hold me back when i saw a few pistons jerseys in the supermarket)

Those are both birdie putts for the win, if anyone is keeping score at home.

After golfing, we went to Beaner's parents place, cooked out and chilled hard to some reggae grooves on the back porch. Then we went to see "Surf's Up". Before entering the theater I planned to stop in Chicago the next night and check out that scene.
I left the theater needing "The Glide" immediately! I skipped Chicago to accelerate my trip to the Ocean. Some of the movie was awkward, but every part involving surfing was true to the soul. It even includes a Lake Surfing chicken.

Overall my stop in Toledo was amazing. Epichill times with great friends. Thanks friends.

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