Monday, June 25, 2007

Expansive Rocks and Blue Grass

I'm sitting on Steve-O's back porch jamming to a crispy Phish groove. We just got back from a ridiculous blue grass show. A local band, "Oakhurst" played a super hard jam set. We left it all on the dance floor!
We spent most of the day in Rocky Mountain National Park. WOW:::I have been in the West Virginia and Virginia mountains, but this was a little different.

We drove up to 11,300ft. and then summited a little peak just over 12,000ft. Its tundra up there, the only plant life is centimeter tall moss. As we ascended the peak, my lungs huffed at the obvious lack of oxygen...pretty awesome sensation. The views from up there are spectacular. The expansiveness is mind bending.

"Which way to the beach?"

Steve-O and i with the Continental Divide behind.

Rocky Mountain elk

Another outrageously cool day. Existence just seems different out here. I cruised my skateboard through Colorado University and i was joined by 15-20 other longboarders. Everyone is either riding a bike, hiking, kayaking, climbing or one of the other thousands of sweet outdoor activities available round here. I am very passionate about great Mother Ocean. But i can now comprehend the spirit of these mountains that also creates passion. I want to summit some Fourteeners!

Long's Peak 14, 255ft.


mowrey said...

great pics, nice narrative, looking fwd to following yr trip!

Jay said...

keep the good pics and even better stories comin!

sue baker said...

Kyle, I am enjoying following you trip. Am majorly impressed with you photos, video and narrative. Sounds like quite an adventure!! Love, Sue Baker